Breaking – Telkom to give you more data for your buck

From the 1st of October, South African telecommunication provider Telkom will be increasing its data caps by up to 6GB for certain packages, with prices remaining the same per package. A source close to Memeburn gave us an internal memo which outlines the higher caps for the certain internet packages. The increases are as follows: 3GB becomes 4GB, 6GB becomes 8GB and 10GB becomes 16GB.

New Telkom data packages: Memeburn

The internal memo carries on by saying how the website and billing will reflect the older details, but customers will still receive the new data packages. The memo also advises resellers to “upsell” their customers towards the ZAR99 4GB package, as the ZAR79 1GB will be excluded from the data increase.

Telkom created an extensive network infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup last year, as it had to accommodate the terabytes of data required for the global event. This infrastructure has been in the testing phases for the local market, with the new data caps reflecting Telkom’s effort to provide a product which is more in line with international data offerings.

Also included in the internal memo are details of new “Do Broadband” packages which will be launched alongside the increased data caps come the 1st of October. A new bundle, called Do Basic will offer new and existing Do Level 1 customers 384KB speeds, a 4GB international cap plus a 10GB local cap. The new naming structure sees Do Broadband level 1, 2, and 3 change to Do Basic (level 1), Advanced and Premium (level 3). Do Broadband Level 2 will be dropped from the Telkom broadband offerings.

Telkom has been experimenting with a promotional data package which extended users data accounts. 1GB became 5GB, 5GB became 10GB and 9GB became 20GB. Now, the end of September brings an explosion of data.

Click here to download the Internal Communication — Higher data caps memo outlining the new data structure.



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