Review: Motorola Razr cuts to the quick

The Motorola dev people have spent a lot of time on the new Razr. It shows. It oozes loving attention. And not in the old Motorola “WTF did they spend all that time on this arb feature for?” No, the new Razr XT910 simply exudes the scent of hard work, clear thinking, clever features, slick hardware crafted from premium materials – Gorilla Glass, Kevlar weave and machined aluminium. Is this the phone that returns Motorola to the top of the mobile phone pile?

The new Razr is striking. Not beautiful, but the ludicrous thinness (7.1mm apart from the big head-bump) and meticulously crafted lines make is stand out from the glossy black obloid crowd. It has a massive 4.3” Super AMOLED touch screen, which at 540×960 pixels gives you around 256ppi. It’s bright, punchy, fast. It’s got gym-boy innards – a gig of RAM, and 16GB storage (plus microSD) being fed by a dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex A9 processor. 8MP camera, and all the other expected bells and whistles. Oh, and a non-removable battery (not that high-end phone buyers keep them long enough to wear out the original batter). And it uses micro-SIMs, like iPhone. Boo!



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