10 apps for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

The streamers have all been cleared, the champagne — if there’s any left — is flat by now and you’re contemplating the excesses of the festive period. Yup, it’s a new year and we all know what that means: resolutions. We all know resolutions are difficult to keep. You need all the help you can get. Being of a technological bent, Memeburn decided to point you in the direction of a few apps designed to keep you on the straight and narrow this new year.

1. Do more exercise (or Start) — Nike Training
This app brings kick-ass workouts from the likes of US female soccer team star Hope Solo and dance champ Sofia Boutella right to your phone, with a complete time breakdown (15, 30 and 45 minute routines) and video illustrations on how to do the various individual exercises. With each workout recorded and completed, you can unlock new workouts, which keeps your routine challenging and builds your strength and endurance. Plus you can synch up your iPod playlist to keep the music going for extra support.

2. Eat better — Nutrisystem
To see better results with the exercise routines mentioned above, you’ll need an app that helps track the food you eat, and offers suggestions on how to improve your eating habits. Even Janet Jackson swears by this app, so you know it has to be good. The daily meal plan makes it easy to note what foods you eat each day. The hallmarks of any good dietary plan (water consumption, weight, body measurements) are all logged here so you can track the specifics of your goals. There are also great, easy-to-make meal suggestions to help along the way.

3. Look after your money — Mint.com
This is an invaluable tool for keeping your bills balanced and finding out where you exactly your money goes on a daily basis. Once you’ve registered and linked your bank accounts to the app, all your transactions will be noted and placed into various categories, determining whether you are on target or not for your budget. You can also upload expenses manually. What takes this app to the next level is that it will make suggestions on where to save money as well as other useful hints and tips.

4. Be more organised — Evernote
This app is particularly useful for iPad users, as it is easier to use on it. But you can link up all your thoughts and notes in one place. A great feature is the little checkboxes you can create for those never-ending To Do lists.

5. Read more — iBooks
With the iBooks app, you don’t have an excuse not to read anymore, as your mobile phone or tablet can become a virtual bookshelf, by downloading this app. Samples of the latest best-sellers can be downloaded before you decide to purchase the whole book or not. You can also catch up on many bygone classics, and download them for free to read anywhere, anytime. Jane Eyre, anyone?

6. Travel the world — Air BnB
Air BnB is an affordable way to travel, and a much more cosy one too. The way it works is you find a place to stay in the city you are travelling too — it could be a room, a whole house, or even, yes, an igloo. The app makes it easier to browse accommodation spots, and even places many of them into top lists, but you do need to register and sign in, for the sake of everyone’s safety. You can watch videos of your potential place to stay on your phone too.

7. Meet new people — Moonit
Just in time for the holiday season, this app works using astrology, and links up with new and current contacts in your network to determine your compatibility — either as friends or flirts. You can collect stickers too, depending on the network you create of people you are compatible with. It’s all about putting yourself out there and meeting new people. You owe it to 2012!

8. Take on charity work — Volunteer Match
This app is perfect for those who want to help but don’t know where to begin. By simply typing in your postal code, you’ll be able to find volunteer opportunities in your neighbourhood. The app will match up your skills with places in need, and you’ll be able to sign into your account to contact the respective places and find out when to start helping the places that need it most.

9. Improve your brain power — Crosswords
You download your favourite newspapers to your tablet or iPad so why not download the crosswords too? The NY Times Crossword is available if you’re willing to pay, and times you to help you challenge yourself to better each new attempt. Plus, the temptation to cheat is lessened because you have to wait until the next day to find out the answers, and that gives you another chance to give it a go until you get it right! If not, you can always use Crossword Light. One bonus with the latter is that it allows you to compete with others to keep up the challenge.

10. Drink more water — Drink More Water
This app really does what it says, nothing more, nothing less. Well, it does have realistic sound effects and animation showing glasses emptying to help you along your way. It’s well known that drinking enough water will help you achieve your daily goals, and now you have an app that will make sure you’re on the right path!

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