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Are you a geek or a nerd? [Infographic]

Traditionally most people don’t like being called geeks or nerds, but the derogatory connotations associated with these words are being cast away like sand in the hourglass these days.

Like it or not, most people these days fall into one of two categories. Before Steve Jobs made mobile phones cool again, geeks and nerds were generally considered to be the same lifestyle choice.

Geeks are now considered to be those who have wrapped themselves around their specific lifestyle choice and are adamant that they are experts on it. Nerds fall into the category of socially inept geniuses who flock to their PCs to update their version of Fedora (if you think a Fedora is just a hat, clearly you don’t fall into any of the two categories).

So, are you an iDevice-touting geek, or a Dungeons and Dragons-loving nerd? The infographic below outlines the pros and cons of both.

Geeks vs Nerds
From: MastersInIt.org

Infographic: MasterInIT

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