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It’s the end of the world as we know it: 7 sites to prepare you for the apocalyspe

Mark this day down in your calendar. We have crossed the threshold — less than one year to go until it all goes up in smoke. The Mayan Calendar predicts the end of days on 21 Dec 2012. For obvious reasons, this is quite a big deal to many people, and will affect your decisions on whether to upgrade your phone now or later, pay off your debts, ask that girl out etc…etc…

What do you do when you need hard-core, irrefutable proof in life? Obviously, you turn to the web. Let’s take a look and see which sites you should be using to monitor your impending doom.

Deep breath…

The design here is not totally appalling, so that’s a good start although it is rather random, including a selection of slides of a Mayan temple. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when the first blog post says “11/11/11 was a non-event”. Not sure these are the guys to rely on. Bit wishy-washy.

This one claims to be the “Official Website” of the apocalypse. So it must be serious. And it has a string of B-Grade celebs as “celebrity believers.” Phew. Hang on though, they’re selling 2012 T-shirts here, a 2012 End of days racing game and a “humorous, new gift calendar”. In this case, 2012 feels like a marketing push. Avoid.

It’s all in black. Serious stuff. These guys have got a prediction about 10 ways that the world could end, ranging from biological warfare to the Planet Nibiru passing through our system. There’s also a fair amount of real estate encouraging me to click a button to see what would be even worse than the end of the world. Right now, contracting a virus that infects this whole system would be worse than the End of Days, so I’m not clicking that, no sireee!

This bunch of wingnuts greet you with a giant Google Ads display above the fold, advertising Justin Bieber’s Under The Mistletoe for download. They could be on to something re:end of the world.

Then you see this image and you know you better get out…fast!

The most modern looking website so far. My eyes were beginning to bleed so that’s good. These are party-pooper astronomers who are worried that you might waste your money buying a survival kit for 2012. They mention the word “children” a lot and really want to help you. So if you’re panicking, head over to this happy-clappy site.

Your chance to download a widget which gives you the countdown clock for your very own website. Can also be used for counting down roast chicken in the oven, your fertility cycle and anything else which might be happening before 21 December. What happens thereafter to the clock is a mystery. Does it have a one year warranty? These are the questions you need to be asking.

This is an absolute cracker. More to do with the movie 2012 than the actual apocalypse, it seems to be trying to convert people to missionary life, and using this opportunity to preach the gospel. Includes priceless lines like “I want to thank you for being a tool God has used to bring me back to Him.”

First thing you see?

A sentence that reads “2012 Mission Invitation — Come Fishing with us”.

What’s not to like about this site?

That’s it for me. I’m done. There are more, no doubt, but I can’t go on. The fonts, the colours, the doomsdaying — it’s all rather absurd and sad and makes you almost wish that the end was a bit sooner so we could all be put out of our misery. Doom on!

Image: Brian Hofsiss

Author | Jeremy Daniel

Jeremy Daniel
Jeremy Daniel is an online media specialist, as well as an author and musician. He runs Bassline Media & Content Marketing, writes songs as part of The Touch and is the author of My Forever Friend, published by Tafelberg NB. Jeremy was also an early editor of Memeburn.com. More
  • So far, I’ve been very nervous when I hear talks of the world ending. I decided to to purchase Survive 2012. I can finally rest easy at night!


  • Matureo

    Just a wee correction there regarding http://www.endoftheworld2012.net   We’re not predicting 10 ways to go (actually, it’s 11 now), rather, we are identifying various predictions which have surfaced suggesting a 2012 doomsday.  We then go on to show that these are based on lies, myths and some very bad science.  Thanks for the plug though.  If it weren’t for the emails I get of people freaked, panicked and confused, the whole thing could be quite laughable and deserving of a post under the heading of humour.  I’m sure though that your comments would have helped to diffused the issue for many people so that’s a good thing.  The flashing red light by the way, just takes you to another page on the site. 

  • Roy

    I do not agree with this review. My surface has been wonderful, it is just lacking apps, that will get better though!

  • Mark

    Definitely do not agree with this review either, touch keyboard is fantastic and the viewing angles, regardless of where I am looking at it from are very good.

  • Only a few things to mention:

    touch keyboard is not bad, it is easier to use and good.
    Kickstand is good but the design should have been different it makes surface heavier.
    Camera: I would say surface needn’t have that 1 mp camera. worthless indeed.
    screen ppi ratio: I agree completely.

    antifingerprint coating: It’s for screen , not for vaporMg back. I suppose that was a mistake duplicated in a number of sources.

    apps: I accept surface has too few apps as compared to ios and android. However, 8 pro surface will work with your regular windows apps.
    viewing angle: may be its an issue with your eye??
    OS: windows RT is not extremely powerful, but it is workable. not a disappointment. Also, being the premier provider of computing for a number of organizations and government bodies, MS cannot make radical changes to its interface. at least, they could innovate on a much better scale on mobile devices. I think.

  • idlelimey

    The Desktop is only required to run Office 2013. The Office 2013 that you have not mentioned once. While other tablets have to make do with Google Docs (don’t make me laugh) Surface blows them out of the water for office productivity.

    I’m not sure why you’ve dumped on the Surface to the degree you have. It’s a fantastic device. And where you hand it a compliment you quickly slap it in the face. Twice.

    I agree, it’s not perfect – it could be a little faster at times, the touch keyboard takes a bit of getting used to (I would recommend the type cover which overcomes this) – but none of it’s downsides are deal breakers and none of its competition are flawless either.

    Finally, what does this mean:
    “Boot up IE 10 — try not to vomit as it assaults your eyes”

    What is wrong with IE10? Why am I trying not to vomit? How is it assaulting my eyes? I use IE10 a lot on Surface and it hasn’t been anything other than excellent. In fact, I’d like to see how it stacks up against other tablet browsers in usability tests.

  • Read this review: prepare for disappointment
    An another FOS reviews !

  • I bought the Surface on launch day and have used it daily since then. As a WP7/WP8/360/Windows devotee, I had already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. I bought the Surface for apps, browsing, and content consumption. But what surprised me was the killer app is Office 2013. Having Office on a 1.5lb package.turns otherwise wasted time into productive time.

    I am using my Surface to write a book with Word 2013. While I find the touch keyboard really cool and fine for casual use (such as Facebook and email) when it’s time to get work done I pull out the touch keyboard and I use a Bluetooth mouse. One cannot understate the value of Office 2013 + SkyDrive.

    Something that I feel must be said is that WinRT is a very connected experience to the point where you feel crippled without WiFi access. I use the HTC 8X and have subscribed to the mobile hot spot plan so that I’m always connected.

    I wish the SD card support was more seamless. I would like the ability to provision it as part of the standard libraries as soon as you insert it. As it is, I advise you to buy the largest memory models.

    The on-board speakers are nearly worthless unless you are in a silent room.

    The app store is a mess. App discovery is a broken process. It is best if you know what you seek and do a search for it.

    The native mail client is terrible. You are much better off with the web clients. This isn’t the worst thing, since I believe IE10 to be quite good, but web clients don’t create live tiles for you, thus you lose notifications which is kind of the point for WinRT.

    As a Windows Phone user I sometimes wonder why some of the features seem better on the phone than they do on the tablet. Yes, they are completely different operating systems, but WP should be the baseline, right?

    But please don’t interpret my comments as anything other than constructive criticism. I love my Surface RT for what it is and what it will be. Microsoft has been rolling out patches on a regular basis since launch and it keeps getting better. I have given a lot of thought about what I plan to do in January when the Surface Pro comes out. Do I buy the Pro for pen support, 10-point multi-touch, 1080P, and legacy app support or do I keep the Surface RT with its long battery life, lightweight package, and bundled Office 2013? There have only been a handful of times when WinRT fell short, so it’s not an easy decision.

  • Excellent comment. Well thought out and informative. Thank you Howard.

  • Really not a review of the devices workings or functions. Just your opinion which consumers universally seem to disagree with. Its also been an ongoing trend that bloggers give negative feedback on the Surface. It is easily the best tablet for productivity and enterntainment made to date.

  • Some very valid points about the app store. It seems to be getting better in the last week I have been using it though. For the mail client, it took some getting use to, but I prefer it over logging into Gmail now. Overall I think its easily the best tablet made to date. I have not touched my ipad or android tablets since I got this and have given them to my kids instead. It will be interesting to see if Apple can put OSX on a tablet in the next release.

  • D

    I agree with this review. I sold my surface on eBay after being disappointed with the screen resolution, lack of apps and slow speeds.

  • flyboy76

    I only agree with a few things in your review, you seem to be going a
    little bit too hard on the surface. The things I agree on is yes, it does take
    a bit of time getting used to the touch keyboard. But I can tell you this, I
    can be literally (something that is tangible) be 100 times more productive on a
    surface because I can type 100 times faster than on my iPad. Also the view
    angle, I agree, I wish they made this so you could adjust the angle. The app
    store sure, it doesn’t have nearly the apps that android or apple has but it is
    definitely accelerating. And who really cares about “apps” anyways I
    want Applications, things like word, one note, excel, powerpoint. Also you say
    the browse makes you want to vomit? really? IE for Surface is the best browsing
    experience I’ve had on any tablet and I’ve used iPad, Android and playbook. The
    way tabs work is awesome, its practically the same browser experience on a
    window desktop (win 7) the fact flash actually works is a HUGE
    plus (albeit only for approved sites) but I haven’t found a site that
    didn’t get this approval yet… Also the fingerprints? Serious? What did you
    eat before using your surface a greasy KFC dinner with some pizza? Geeze. Give
    me a break. I haven’t had to wipe mine since I got it 2 weeks ago. Your iPad is
    “hiding” over your shoulder going “oh oh”… My 2 cents…

  • Jason Brown

    Obviously an Apple fanboy writing this review…

  • I actually really love mine. I am not sure what makes it work so well for me, but I just love the multitasking function….I really love it. I have not been able to use an ipad or android in a multitasking manner the way I can use the surface. Swipe my finger and boom my game is paused and I am writing a word doc. Swipe my finger again an boom I am at my web browser with tabs and all. Very intuitive. My complaints are sound, and the lack of certain apps. I know the apps will come, and the sound is only an issue when in loud places where earphones make sense. I would of course like to see it cheaper, but I would like to see the ipad cheaper and the Nexus cheaper. I would like to see everything cheaper! I really just disagree about not recommending it. I would recommend the surface, and I have already.

  • Carls Mosher

    Whoa…this has to be one of the most biased reviews I’ve ever read. I own an iPad, iPhone and iMac…this sort of obviously twisted commentary gives apple enthusiasts a bad name. Embarrassing.

  • Very anoying and nitpicking review. I haven’t bought a Surface RT yet but have used one quite a bit and compared it to lots of W7 and W8 devices. The ONLY problem I have with the Surface RT is the price. It’s really hard to spend $599, tablet plus keyboard, for a small 10″ device when that same amount can but a 15″ W8 notebook without a touch screen. You’ll have to add $200-300 to get the touch screen on the note book and it’s just not worth it. It you travel then the Surface RT or Pro would be great yet expensive. An ultrabook with W8 and touch screen is a much better device. If you want a W8 iPad then buy the Surface as a complement to your Windows ecosystem. Price the Surface at $399 no keyboard, $499 with keyboard and they’ll sell a lot faster.

  • kent ma

    I was add Bellevue wa MS store and spent about an hour there on Dec 23 and Dec 24betwenn 12 – 1 pm, I saw 12 surface sold to 7 individual within first hour then I stepped out for 5 min came back and the next half hour they sold 10 to 6 individual. I know it is Xmas and people buy gift but selling 22/hr one store, isn’t that bad at all. What I am saying is I. Spite of all the bad reports they are actually selling well

  • Patrick

    your an idiot ! I love my surface and also my nokia lumia 920 work great together, maybe you should go back to crayons and get a another job or even better a hobby, I wrote this from my surface.

  • Sunny

    This is the most biased review i have gone through.
    Totally without a an open mindset

    Firstly i dont understand surface is compared to a laptop or a tablet.
    for pricing it is compared to a laptop and for functionality to a tablet

    Next point, ipad weights 662 grams and this one 680. Whoa, that means a difference of whopping 18 grams. that sure feels a lot heavy.

    Using touch keyboard, feels like smashing on the surface of table, i never knew ipad and other tablet screens had a real keyboard build on the screens with tactical feedback.

    “Might use a PC for 1/3rd of price”. Right and carry it every day to office and back

    I agree it has some disadvantages like low ppi and not enough apps, but it doesn’t mean the it is overall that bad.

    Please write reviews with an open mind.

  • mattyharibo

    This smacks of Apple fanboy. I’ll admit that I’ve only had my Surface two days but most of the problems you mention are not really problems. The fact you can actually out it on a desk is surely only a bonus? I’ll agree it isn’t always perfect but at least you have the option. It is certainly no harder to hold than most other tablets. If you’re going to try and argue that the extra 18g over an iPad is too much to hold then realistically you need to hit the weights- that’s an irrelevant point. There are undoubtedly flaws but I don’t think any tablet has been perfected yet and you’ll put people off even just trying a Surface with this review. I personally like being able to use it as a mini laptop and there are others who might have felt the same but to be put off by your review- nothing wrong with an opinion as long as it smacks of some sort of sense

  • Disagree. The Surface takes the tablet to an entirely new level, and the Pro is the next step from there. The only thing you can really complain about is the screen resolution — and it’s not really all that big of a deal on a screen below 17″ either no matter how much you try too make it out to be.

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