Men care less about Valentine’s Day, at least on Twitter

Valentine’s Day gives us an extra special reason to be more romantically inclined than usual. I for one *heart* valentine’s day, but do other women feel the same as me, and how do men feel about the day?

Considering that it’s actually MANentinesday the boys really have nothing to complain about as the roles have technically been reversed. If you buy into the whole leap year thing that is.

However, it appears that the guys seem to be less in the mood than girls on 14 February, especially in the social media space.

On Twitter, for example, it seems that guys are more disgruntled by Valentine’s Day and their tweets seem to be a lot more on the glass-half-empty side of the spectrum than girls. That’s according to the stats from social media intelligence firm NM Incite.

After inspecting 70 000 recent tweets it discovered that one-tenth of men’s tweets about Valentine’s Day are positive compared to one-fifth of women’s.

As we like to do, check out this chart which gives a breakdown of tones set by Mars versus Venus.

“Among both genders, the most commonly discussed Valentine’s Day topic is not having a date, with 36% for women and 25% for men,” NM Incite revealed. “Interestingly, women are more likely to discuss buying a gift for their significant other, while men are more likely to share their dislike for the holiday.”

But today is really all about Love. So let’s not let a few ranting guys spoil our fun shall we girls. You deserve that overpriced bunch of flowers with the box of chocolates you’ll regret next week when you hit the gym. That’s what today is all about — showing the one we love how much they mean to us.



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