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Facebook to become ‘your personalised newspaper’ with Interest Lists

Facebook has introduced a new product that it claims is “a whole new way to keep up with stuff you care about and tidy up your experience on Facebook”.

The new feature, called Interest Lists, is basically a way for you to tidy up your news feed into sections determined by you.

Facebook claims that doing so turns the social network into “your own personalised newspaper, with special sections—or feeds—for topics that matter to you”.

In fact, the company has taken this traditional news feel a step further by including sections like Business, Sports and Style.

You could also get a lot more personalised though and include stuff like “Tech News, Football Players, and Rock Journalists”.

The feature ranks the content from your lists such that only the top stories from each interest appear in your news feed. You can, however, “click through to read more posts,” Facebook claims.

In the next few weeks people will see an “Add Interests” link in their left-hand bookmarks. From there, they can subscribe to a pre-set interest list.

  • Naike

    Great article! Have you tried http://newsmix.me, which makes lists integrating both Twitter and Facebook, and enhancing pictures and content?

  • Andy Gilleand
  • I’m sure your concept will resemble the PS4 in some form. Thanks for the extra insights into your creation :)

  • heiti

    this looks awesome im ok with this

  • Jermaine Smit

    You did a better concept then mine (i did not teture it just a base design idea. The video was some what strange because of the idea that it Might be shadow or not. I did use the same edges and also the line going straight up. But yours look pretty cool. And at the end i think your look was not that far of. And has some good points!

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