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Google to go into third-party comments

Google is launching a third-party commenting system. Thing is, it’s not trying to enter into the space of specialist industry players such as Disqus, but take another swipe at Facebook.

Tech news site TheNextWeb cited a source close to the development of the product as stating that the system would feed off Google+ .

The site also cites Tech WD blogger Saud Al-Hawawi who reported that several yet to be released technologies, including the new commenting system, were discussed at a Google conference in Saudi Arabia.

The new service would reportedly also index any comments in Google’s search results.

As TheNextWeb states:

A third-party Google comment system would ensure that users are further plugged in to their Google accounts, and one step closer to Google+.

A number of sites have already adopted Facebook’s third-party comments system because it doesn’t allow for the anonymity present in dedicated commenting systems.

These dedicated commenting systems such as Disqus and LiveFyre are the most likely to suffer in the face of Google and Facebook’s actions.

Google has been integrating its social effort into as many of its products as possible including Gmail.

Google is also reportedly set to roll out vanity URLs for Google+, which will come as a welcome relief to anyone who hasn’t discovered the third-party services that already do so.

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