Nando’s offers Helen Zille a tastier alternative to a foot in the mouth

If anyone shows how easy it is to go from the highest of highs on Twitter to the lowest of lows, it’s Helen Zille.

Late last year, people were talking about how well she used the medium. Some even suggested she could be an example to everyone from major brands to Kim Kardashian.

How things have changed. Zille’s seemingly uncensored rants, troll feeding and lobbed insults are a far cry from the tweets she was sending out in 2011. In fact, Zille has now reached the point where she’s become the punchline in a Nando’s campaign.

If you’re wondering why that’s such a big deal:

a) What kind of isolationist bubble have you been living in and why have you chosen only to emerge now?

b) Bear in mind that other public figures to have faced the ridicule of the fast-food franchise include Julius Malema, after being suspended from the ANC, Just Jinger vocalist Ard Matthews, after stuffing up the South African national anthem and Robert Mugabe, for well…being Robert Mugabe.

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Here’s hoping she dials back from Extra Peri Peri to Lemon and Herb for a bit.



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