Timeline for brands is here. Now they have to make a hard decision

So, Timeline is here for brands. It’s a good day. Lots of things to pin, star and more! Fantastic!

But in this “everything’s a story” world that Facebook is creating, brands have a big question to answer: “Are we going to create a happy-slappy version of ourselves or will we create the warts ‘n’ all, fallible, honest version of the huge, juddering beasts we actually are?” Will Domino’s pizza, for example, fess up to its previous issues with certain employees? What are the long and short-term ramifications if they do?

As with most answers to these types of questions “it depends” seems most apt — certainly as the dust settles on this understandably well-covered announcement. Could taking the honest route open up old wounds? Old wounds that made you the brand you are today? This is not an easy question to answer, but it is one that requires real buy-in from the high-ranking executives, legal and corporate communications departments, to name but three key stakeholders that need updating in this complex equation. In truth, if your brand is serious about Facebook, its product or service and its consumers, it should always be looking towards transparency and co-creation. However, there are many business realities and reasons why this can’t and doesn’t happen as much as it should.

With a platform that commands 850-million plus eyeballs worldwide every month, it’s time to decide — are you willing to show people the good and the bad or is your Facebook use going to be limited only to the positive? Timeline gives you the option to move forward as a cohesive brand offering… or not — the choice is up to you. There’s no right answer but both decisions have huge ramifications for brands and consumers if mishandled.



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