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8 of our favourite ‘Spear of the Nation’ memes

The media has been obsessed with the developments in South African president Jacob Zuma’s Lenin-esque nude portrait saga. Brands and consumers alike have meanwhile taken to social media with offerings of their Spear of the Nation memes. Below is a selection of our favourites.

1. Gabriel’s image is hard to absorb

Gabriel employs shock tactics.

2. John Terry

A meme within a meme.

3. Helen Zille

Helen Spear

Tit for tat: the leader of the opposition is unknowingly pulled into the paint-slinging affair.

4. Spear Spies

Sports meets politics. Springbok rugby star Pierre Spies’ surname coincidentally translates to ‘spear’.

5. Britney

The celebrity pun meme is one of our favourites and Britney’s surname lends itself perfectly to this scenario.

6. Durex

Spear and protection: a good brand fit.

7. Fully restored

At least one person thought the painting should be restored quickly.

8. The Rhino has a bigger spear

Rhino poaching is a serious problem in South Africa. Much more serious than an affront to a president’s dignity.

Post links in the comments if we’ve left any out ;)

Author | Mike Sharman

Mike Sharman
Mike Sharman is a co-founder of Retroviral, an award winning digital communications agency that creates online word of mouth spread for brands using bespoke strategy, social media, and web tactics. He is also co-founder of Webfluential – a new platform that establishes relationships between consumers and brands through influencers.... More

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