Google Maps: Now with real-time traffic overlay

cape town traffic overlay google maps

We recently reported on the massive changes Google was making to its Maps offering. Today a few more of those updates roll out to the general public.

As of today Google Maps traffic overlay is fully functional in seven new countries, including South Africa with cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town covered.

Now when plotting a route from one point to another, Google maps will give you a few options with live traffic info and real-life time estimations for your trip.

cape town traffic overlay google maps

This is really amazing and the best part is, it’s available for mobile devices as well. Recently I downloaded Waze, which integrates with other people on a social way to determine real life traffic flow on any road. Now one can get the same if not more reliable data directly from Google Maps.

google maps traffic time directions

This is really a big step for South Africa and I am sure many people will enjoy using this latest feature added to the arsenal of Google Maps. No more guessing how long it will take you to get out for lunch to that favourite café close to work and back. Now you will also know which route is the best one to choose depending on the traffic flow at that point in time.

Map editing is also available on Google Maps with Google Map Maker

Not only is traffic covered by Google in South Africa, but now you can contribute to maps by using Google Map Maker.

If you are new to Map Maker here is a link to get you started.

So let’s look at some of the basics:

  • Add a Place — add more details to areas you care about. Add you favourite coffee shop on the map or your local park.
  • Edit Place — parts of your neighbourhood may already be mapped on Google Maps. Now you can improve by adding more detailed information and sharing your knowledge.
  • Add Road — add missing roads, hiking trails, waterways, and more. Mark bike lanes throughout your town and show which roads are suitable for cycling.
  • Review edits by other users — the map is constantly evolving with contributions from thousands of users all over the world.

Just think, you can be making a difference by adding your own edits or new information with the Google Map Maker. You will be part of history and seeing there is such a huge area to work with, I believe the default maps will never be optimal. Also because old shops close, new shops open, roads change and names.

To take it further you can even add a favourite lookout point with a mapped out hiking trail for others to get there. Some secret spots are worth sharing with others. So they can also have their own special moment. So get down to Google Maps now and get cracking.



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