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Sorry Android, developers still prefer iOS

Think you’re dedicated to Apple fanboy? Sorry but those Instagrammed photos of your Mac (taken with your iPhone of course) have nothing on the love developers have for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

According to the latest findings from research company Flurry Analytics, nearly 70% of the new apps are built for iOS.

A paltry 31% are built for Android. So while Google’s mobile OS might be winning the mobile OS wars in pure number of handsets shipping with it, it’s not winning the hearts and minds of developers.

The research company reckons that one reason developers prefer iOS is because it offers them a two-for-one deal. The fact that the iPad is dominating the tablet market, means that their apps are more likely to be seen, and bought, by a wider audience.

Even if someone has an Android smartphone, they’re far more likely to own an iPad if they have a tablet.

Another reason is that iOS is easier to develop for. You’re developing for one platform on devices built by one manufacturer. By contrast, building for Android means that you’ll be making slight but potentially costly variations of the OS on multiple devices.

What it all really boils down to though is money. For ever US$1 a developer makes on Apple’s App Store, they’re likely to make US$0.24 on Android.

As Flurry notes:

At the end of the day, developers run businesses, and businesses seek out markets where revenue opportunities are highest and the cost of building and distributing is lowest. In short, Android delivers less gain and more pain than iOS, which we believe is the key reason 7 out of every 10 apps built in the new economy are for iOS instead of Android.

Fair enough, and at least developers love Apple for a better reason than “I think this white iPhone really looks good with my clear-lensed black-rim glasses”.

Author | Stuart Thomas

Stuart Thomas
Stuart Thomas joined the Burn Media team in 2011 while finishing off an MA in South African Literature. Eager to prove his geek credentials, he allowed himself to be thrown in the deep and did his best to stay afloat. When not fused with his keyboard, you can find... More