21-year-old gives Microsoft a serious, if hypothetical, facelift

Microsoft Rebrand featured

Take your average 21-year-old design student, now give them three days and a brief to completely rebrand a massive company’s corporate identity. Most would end up nervous wrecks, but when Andrew Kim took it upon himself do exactly that with Microsoft, the results were astonishing.

One of the early points in Kim’s conception involved him taking the comparing people’s perceptions of Microsoft to those of its big rivals: Apple and Google.

This led him to decide that Microsoft “needs to be a brand that represents the future. Be slightly aggressive unlike Google and Apple’s friendly marketing. Promise to deliver the future today. Be almost science fiction”.

In order to do this, Kim reckons the Redmond-based tech giant needs to shed ties with its past:

The “new” logo proposed by Kim takes on a much more urban edge than the old one:

The various formats on Windows would each have their own unique identity:

Here’s what Kim’s designs would look like on some Microsoft products:

It should be noted that these designs are, unfortunately, hypothetical. We really wish they weren’t though. If anyone from Microsoft is reading this, hire this kid, he knows his shit.



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