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60% of people are stressed out by technology [Infographic]

Does technology stress you out? Apparently you’re not alone. Technology is supposed to make your life easier, but because of all the real-time information and multiple screens you’re suddenly expected to deal with every day, your brain is becoming overloaded and you’re losing the ability to concentrate or even be polite.

Your cellphone has become a chunk of plastic and glass you check obsessively, as technology becomes a slightly creepy stalker. Add this to the stress of dealing with never-ending ‘improvements’ and updates to things you were familiar with five minutes ago, and you can see why technology may not always make your life easier.

According to a recent survey by Virgin Digital Help, people are stressed out by a lot of different technologies — even the so-called digital natives that inhabit the under-35 demographic. More than 60% of respondents admitted that they were stressed by technologies ranging from Wi-Fi and cloud computing to device syncing, and 18% took issue with the fact that technology just keeps on changing.

Although the survey (which was conducted via Twitter, Facebook, email and phone) has a relatively small sample of 210 consumers, it’s clear that the tech evolution isn’t without its concerns, especially when the technology isn’t intuitive and becomes confusing to use. The results also suggest that women are slightly more stressed out than men are and technology providers just make it worst with unhelpful, jargon-loaded attempts at customer service.

digital technology and stress infographic

  • Dom

    Any info on how much search contributes to stress both on the computer (traditional search) and the mobile internet on your phone or pad?

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