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Mark Zuckerberg’s younger sister now part of the Google family

When you hear the name Zuckerberg, your brain tends to jump to the hoodied founder of Facebook. Here’s the thing though, there are, apparently Zuckerberg’s all over the tech world.

Following the acquisition of Wildfire Interactive, Mark Zuckerberg’s younger sister Arielle will be joining Google.

The junior product manager has previously offered up her thoughts on the changes made to Facebook. The Zuck’s older sister Randi left Faccebook in August 2011, to pursue other projects, most notably social media company R to Z Studios.

The older Zuckerberg is also an executive producer on Silicon Valley a show that applies the Hollywood style voyeurism to the tech world. She sent her sister a tweet pointing out that there are now more Zuckerbergs at Google than Facebook.

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