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Kai-Fu Lee: Age is the biggest difference between China’s internet and the West

China’s internet is massive, but who exactly is using it? It’s a question that plagues many Western companies looking to work their way into China. In a recent post on LinkedIn, Innovation Works founder Kai-Fu Lee shared his thoughts on the biggest difference between Chinese internet users and American ones.

According to Lee, it’s actually not what you’re probably thinking — the biggest difference is age. Lee’s post included the following infographic that illustrates just how large the gap really is.

According to Lee:

The average Chinese internet user is almost young enough to be the average American user’s son/daughter! That is why Chinese users tend to use less email and more IM, less e-commerce and more games, less search and more blogging.

He did admit, though, that his data comes from a study from “before mobile and SNS really took off in China” so those numbers are probably pretty old. Lee says he’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks. In the meantime, an interesting discussion seems to be taking off in the comments section and Lee has even personally responded to one comment, so head on over to the page and toss in your two cents.

This article by C. Custer originally appeared on Tech in Asia and is republished with permission.

Author | Tech In Asia

Tech In Asia
Tech in Asia is an online technology news startup based in Asia, with team members all across the region. As a crew of journalists and bloggers with a passion for new ways of delivering the news, we’ve bonded together under one goal – to create a great Asia-focused tech... More
  • PeterCaoLaser

    Kaifu Lee needs to have some integrity and honesty, a candid heart
    from inside out, before he would have some credibility to be trusted. But the
    real Kaifu Lee is a non-eastern, non-western, disloyal, dishonest personnel,
    who supports his fame by way of stirring up troubles among others, and who had
    tirelessly proudly claim to be classmate of Obama (how much should that account
    for to get respect for Kaifu Lee?). Kaifu Lee is a curse to Chinese people, as
    well as to American people, a typical quack who’s philosophy would be troubles
    to both the youth and the adult.

  • PeterCaoLaser

    Kaifu Lee needs to have some integrity; Kaifu Lee used to betray his
    former employers of both Microsoft and Google, and he had even ensued legal
    battle when he suddenly left Microsoft for Google in 2005. And again Kaifu Lee
    suddenly abandoned his former employer Google China when he started his own
    business in 2009, soon after he could take away all the Google stock. A really
    treachery type.

    Kaifu Lee had placed himself above the average Chinese people and he had been routinely offending dignity of Chinese people; And Kaifu Lee had left an image of immoral villian to Chinese society when he mobbed his weibo followers to attack innocent Chinese citizens over and over; his morality and credibility are seriously questioned by Chinese people over times; all of which make it really hard to say — “Kaifu Lee has been a great bridge between China and the US”

    What’s more, Kaifu Lee had tried to reap the benefits by involving into a series of fascism crimes which related to Stanford student May Zhou’s death and an unsuccessful plotted murder on me, and that case had not been clarified so far.

    —“Like some “star” of a reality TV program, Kaifu Lee is only famous
    for being famous. … And Lee Kaifu should work instead of doing politics or

  • PeterCaoLaser

    order to get back to Google China, Kaifu Lee needs to stirring up waves to get
    attention from the public recently

    The battle between Kaifu Lee and Citron is more likely
    staged two-men-show; there are marks of performing from both of them during
    their verbal debate on the web; In this
    two -men-show, Kaifu Lee disguised himself as a patriot to China (he doesn’t
    have Chinese citizenship but has U.S. citizenship) that he battled with Citron
    for fame of Chinese companies, while Citron tremendously popularized its name
    among Chinese people;

    However, it is not the actual purpose of Kaifu Lee’s
    chivalrous behavior to defense Chinese companies over Citron’s attack; Kaifu
    Lee does have personal purpose in doing so. Kaifu Lee’s personal purpose is: in
    2009 Kaifu Lee had suddenly abandoned Google China to start his own business,
    but now he wants to forcibly getting back to Google China, and in preparation
    for that goal, Kaifu Lee had to support
    his fame by way of stirring up troubles among others;

    — this
    is just a trick Kaifu Lee played to fool the affections of Chinese people;
    whoever take Kaifu Lee seriously would lost. Kaifu Lee does not have integrity;
    despise him;

    —“Like some “star” of a reality TV program, Kaifu Lee is only famous for being
    famous. … And Lee Kaifu should work instead of doing politics or

  • It’s an interesting concept. The price is great!

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