Tour the Okavango Delta with Google Street View

Street View Botswana

Street View Botswana

Anyone who’s a fan of nature documentaries knows that Botswana’s Okavango Delta is one of the world’s most unique wildlife regions. Now you can visit from the comfort of your own home.

Google today announced that Street View images of the Okavango, Chobe game reserve and Makgadikgadi are now live. Following the launch of Street View in South Africa just before the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Botswana will become only the second African country to be on Street View.

That means you can take an online safari around some of Botswana’s most unique places, by exploring salt pans like the Makgadikgadi Pan, or spot wild animals in the famous Chobe National Park, home to the largest concentration of African elephants in the world.

Street View Makgadigadi

The Makgadikgadi Pans

Street View Chobe

A road near Chobe

Google’s Sub-Saharan Africa policy manager Ory Okolloh said, “Whether you are planning a safari, doing a homework assignment on Botswana, or promoting your local business, Street View will allow you to experience a slice of the country. We hope to add more cultures, landscapes and sites as Street View continues to expand to new places.”

Botswana is well-known for housing the world’s largest inland river delta, the Okavango, which spans more than 16 000 square kilometres. The delta is fed by the Okavango river and is an aquatic wilderness teeming with rich wildlife.

With around 70% of the country being covered by the Kalahari desert, Botswana has diverse terrain including the delta and wide open grassland and savannah areas. Depending on which kind of terrain Pegman falls on, you can navigate around some of the most remote areas of the country.

You’ll also be able to check out some the country’s urban areas, such as the capital Gabarone.



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