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Google’s Digital Creativity Guidebook: unveiling innovation potential

Google has recently published a new interactive guide on creativesandbox, namely the Digital Creativity Guidebook. This virtual feature displays some of the top digital commodities where Google has a finger in the pie.

There are a few new creative opportunities from Google for searchers as well as advertisers and companies worth a look in this guide. It also features some case studies and with a click delivering more detailed info on some of the creative opportunities.

In specific order here are the creative opportunities found in the digital guide:

  • YouTube — Unlock the full power of online video for your brand. Here are three tabs to pull out, to get more info on (Masthead, TrueView ads and Brand Channels).
  • Mobile — Small canvas, big opportunity. (Multiscreen advertising, Location-Aware and Real-life benefits).
  • Google Maps — Create beautiful experiences by customising Google Maps for your brand. The new street view and future features is mind-blowing.
  • Google Search — Search is more than 3 lines of text. (Product listings, Real Search, Google AdWords, Rich Results and Social Extensions to AdWords).
  • Google+ — Introduces new ways of sharing across all of Google. (Circles more advanced and Instant Upload).

It is really fun to click and page through the interactive guide and gives you some detailed insights on what Google has and still is about to accomplish with their innovative focus on making the internet better for everyone.

Check it out and give some feedback in the comments below if you like.

Author | Dewaldt Huysamen

Dewaldt Huysamen
Dewaldt Huysamen is a Google Regional Trainer chosen by Google with over 6 years experience in Inbound & Paid marketing. He specialises in SEO, User Experience Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Google AdWords, Advanced Reporting and intense Research and Development. Serving clients that spend between R5000 per month up to... More
  • freshstart222

    Do these guys kick their dogs too?

  • Jason Michael Bechervaise

    My guess is either military use or for high risk rescue missions – earthquake disasters etc… That or to hunt down and destroy the hunter that killed Bambi’s mom :|

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