Twitter archive now available in another 12 new languages



Twitter’s archive feature is now available in a dozen new languages including Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

The archive feature, announced back in December, allows users to download all their tweets ever, from time in memoriam… or more accurately the date of joining the microblogging service.

A Twitter blog post from December had this to say about its archive feature: “Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll make it available to all users around the world, for all the languages we offer. We’re really excited to bring this feature to everyone, and we appreciate your patience as we work to do so.”

It seems Twitter is making good on its promise. Earlier this month, it announced support for another twelve languages: Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish and Spanish.

To access your archive, simply scroll down in the settings menu to the “Request your archive” button. Once clicked Twitter will send a download link in an email. The file will be in .zip format and can be viewed on your desktop or within your browser.

If viewed in browser users can “engage with your old tweets just as you would with current ones” says the microblog.

Google Translate was an adequate option until now, but having the feature available in a native language will be a welcome change for many people around the world.

The newest twelve, plus the original English, take the total number of languages the archive is available in to 25. The new languages mean that Twitter has covered the majority of Romance languages (except Romanian) and covers seven of the ten most spoken languages in the world by number of native speakers.

Notably missing is Arabic and full translation of Chinese (or Mandarin more specifically), but we’re confident Twitter is actively working on bringing full support to the most spoken language in world.



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