Can Psy repeat Gangnam Style’s viral success with Gentleman?

Psy Gentleman

Psy Gentleman

He’s back. Korean pop sensation Psy has released the follow-up to his viral mega-hit “Gangnam Style”.

The song, called “Gentleman” features a number of the same characters as “Gangnam Style” and has ratcheted up over 51-million views in two days of being live.

The Psy we see in this video is however slightly different to the one we saw in the video which took him into the YouTube history books. The crazy dance moves are still there, but instead of an affable outsider having a go at the over the top way things are done in one of Seoul’s richest suburbs, we see the singer taking on the role of a prankster.

He variously speeds up a treadmill with a woman running on, pushes all the buttons on a lift containing someone clearly bursting for the toilet, and kicks a soccer ball away from a group of children.

From there though, he seems to find a kindred spirit and the two end up going on what must be one of the messiest dates in history. Oh and there are a whole load of choreographed party scenes and women in bikinis, but that’s not exactly surprising.

Initially we were unsure Psy could recapture the magic that saw “Gangam Style” become the first video to go past a billion views on YouTube. The novelty of a chubby Korean acting the clown can only take you so far after all. The views on “Gentleman” suggest though that there’s still massive interest in Psy, even if the song isn’t quite as catchy.



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