Redditor apparently admits to murder, using the confession bear meme


What do you get if you combine Quickmeme, confession bear and Reddit? Um, that would be a supposed murder confession. A Reddit user recently headed across to the advice animals subreddit and posted an image of confession bear made using the meme-generating tool, to claim that he killed his sister’s boyfriend. Really.

The post, titled ‘Finally have the guts to say it’, caused an uproar on the site, as users debated if it was just an odd joke or a serious confession. Some of his fellow Redditors commented on the thread claiming they had managed to track down his personal information, including his real name, date of birth, location and social media accounts, and said they were going to turn the information over to the FBI.

Confession bear

The user (called ‘Naratto‘), later commented that he had submitted the post as a joke because he was “wondering what would happen” and said there was “some truth behind it”, although he would not specify which parts. He also complained about the users who had tracked down and posted his personal information in the thread, saying it was “quite rude and very uncalled for.” The posts by other users were later removed, and Reddit put up a warning threatening that any comments that include personal information will be deleted and users banned from the service.

Naratto’s account, comment and original post have since been deleted, but not before they were captured by the Daily Dot. Before he went “back to the shadows of lurking”, Naratto posted one last meme, lamenting the loss of his account.

Joke murder Reddit



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