Twitter for business relaunches, comes with new look, extra content

Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business

Twitter has relaunched its Twitter for Business site, giving it a new look as well as extra content.

One of the most obvious changes Twitter has implemented with the relaunch is separating the sections for businesses new to Twitter and those who’ve been on the platform for a while now. If you want to see how other people have done well on Twitter, you can also see their success stories based on industry and size.There are also tips on how to promote your business using Twitter.

Perhaps the most immediately useful thing to come out of the relaunch however is a video explaining why and how you should do business on Twitter. It’s meant for beginner users, but there are lessons in there for any business having a go at marketing themselves on Twitter.

Having a heavy business presence is important for Twitter’s credibility as a financially viable social network. It’s also increasingly getting advertising right. By providing the tools it has on the relaunched business site, it’s making it that little bit easier for advertisers to get it right. Keeping them happy and providing them with everything they need will keep them coming back and help make sure Twitter lands firmly in the black.

Of course keeping advertisers happy is just one side of the difficult balancing act the social network faces. It also needs to make sure that its average day-to-day users don’t feel like they’re being swamped with ads (this is a social network after all).

Some clearly feel that it has already failed to keep this balance. An increasingly aggressive advertising strategy on its part (along with the shutting down of a number of its third-party APIs) was one of the main reasons for the launch of subscription-based service



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