As Reader gets buried, who will it join in the Google Graveyard? [Infographic]



Google Reader dies 1 July. Even though we’ve known about its imminent demise for a while, it’s still going to be sad for fans of the RSS reader to see it go. Sure there are alternatives but saying goodbye to something you’ve used for years and years is never easy.

It’s not like Google kills its products infrequently either. In line with Larry Page’s “more wood behind fewer arrows” ideas, the company has been on a serious mission to streamline its offerings.

And while it’s understandable — in a company as innovative and with as many products as Google it’s inevitable that some just won’t cut the mustard — remembering just how many Google products have gone to the grave is always a sombre activity. After all, people put hours and hours of work into those products, only to have them ruthlessly cut from existence.

As Reader’s grave site is prepared therefore, we thought that this infographic from WordStream, a provider of search marketing software and services, might be a good way to remember some of the products Google Reader will be joining as it shuffles off this digital coil:

Google Graveyard: Discontinued Google Products and Services



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