The power of social: how Gareth Cliff sold out ‘Wolverine’ in 3 minutes



You have to love the progression of Social Media and the marketing behemoth it has become. Popular South African radio host Gareth Cliff posted the screening on Facebook and Twitter (he’s not that into Google+ yet, we will have to work on that) and within three minutes flat it was sold out .

That is amazing! The Wolverine already has 96 615 +1s on Google+ and on 2 093 658 likes on Facebook (yeah, yeah Google+ is behind in exposure, I know) but listen up, the lead actor +Hugh Jackman is one of the social network’s top users, ranking in at number 15. Not bad huh? To give you some perspective, Google founder +Sergey Brin is at No. 18.

Now I know you thinking I’m going off point here, but what I’m getting at is that:

  1. Social media is taking over traditional media as a way of garnering news. Albeit sales, promos or actual news, like that some #royalbaby was born some place.
  2. More importantly, because lets face it, you already knew number one, is that those of us who were smart enough to invest time into this loonyville of the net called social media will more and more find some return on investment. From free tickets to an awesome movie, to being able to help companies market their products/events (more about that here) in a much more powerful way than they ever thought possible, and at comparatively vastly lower cost.
  3. If you are reading Memeburn, you, are by some people’s perceptions, an “early adopter” and hopefully took some advice and you are on Google+ before it truly becomes massive. Which it is well on its way to becoming. I’m not sure if you know this but it has already taken over Twitter and is now second only to Facebook and it, along with our buddy Hugh, is going to have an exciting next view years.



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