Does Steve Jobs deserve a giant statue? One Indiegogo campaign thinks so

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs deserves praise for a lot of things, including bringing Apple back from the brink of demise and making otherwise marginal technologies really popular. But does he deserve a Statue of Liberty sized memorial? Well, at least on Indiegogo campaign thinks he does.

The campaign, led by a group of young entrepreneurs living in San Francisco is initially looking to raise US$50 000 for the project.

That amount, they say, is based on quotes for a life-sized statue. They are willing to go bigger, adding that the “size of the statue will be directly proportional (positive correlation) to the amount raised”.

“If the campaign raises enough capital — more than what we could conservatively hope to raise — we’ll aim for Statue of Liberty and Colossus of Rhodes proportions,” the campaign page says.

The statue would most likely stand somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and the entrepreneurs behind the campaign say they’ll probably conduct a poll to determine its precise location.

Interestingly, they’re pretty open about the fact that they mostly want to build the statue because they’re massive fans of Jobs and the work he did:

The memory of Steve Jobs is a source of inspiration. His humble origins, personal imperfections and the turbulence of his career make his story relatable; his prolific, world-changing career make his story admirable. Steve Jobs had flaws and was knocked down in his career. He responded by rising to even greater heights: developing life-changing, genre-defining products, revolutionizing industries, and creating billions of dollars of economic value. Steve Jobs put the emphasis on innovation and creating what has never been created. The memory of Steve Jobs is of someone for whom we relate to his lows and can aspire to reach the heights he attained.

Steve Jobs once said he wanted to “leave a dent in the universe”. He lived up to that and had an immense impact during his lifetime. Whether the mark he made becomes indelible remains to those who are still around. We are the bearers of his legacy. This statue will act as a reminder for the preservation of a memory worth remembering.

The incentives for donating to the campaign range from Steve Jobs bumper stickers and black turtleneck sweaters to direct input in the statue’s building and your name on a plaque at the base of the statue.

So far, the statue has raised US$61 with 60 days still to go in the campaign.



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