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A few things but big things happened this week. Apparently print has more life in it than we gave credit. Not content with merely the most cutting edge (though user-friendliness is in debate) website FNB wants to bring you the whole internet. The Google of yesteryear, Yahoo! is getting an overdue revamp of their brand, spoiler: the ‘!’ is staying though. These and a more things happened this week read more info on each below.

The Web

Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon
This one sent shock waves around the net on Tuesday after being announced monday. There’s been a lot of speculation on why Bezos made the US$250-million purchase. Uppermost in my mind though is whether we’re about to see the start of a new trend in media ownership.

After all, just a few days ago The Boston Globe was sold to Red Sox owner John W Henry for US$70-million. Both papers were sold to individuals not their companies. What happens when individuals with powerful business interests have the power to sway the media and thus the public’s perception of events?

FNB moves further into tech, launches uncapped ADSL, seriously…
Interesting move, it also seems to have a quick process to see if you qualify for the discounts. You just input your ID into www.fnbconnect.co.za and it will tell you. Alas none for me.

Yahoo is getting a new logo on 5 September
After nearly two decades with one of the most iconic logos in tech, Yahoo is unveiling a new design. Just not quite yet. The company announced that for each of the next 30 days it will be showing a different variation of the Yahoo logo. Should be an interesting month.

Firefox 23 arrives with new logo
Firefox 23 has now officially been released over on the Firefox site. The biggest addition is no doubt the new share button and panel for the browser’s Social API. In short, developers can let users share content with friends in one click (Facebook users, for example, can use it to share content directly from Firefox, regardless of where they are on the Web).


New Who: Peter Capaldi Is the 12th Doctor
The show with one of the most enviable followings known as Whovians, has a new Doc! He can be seen on cinema right now opposite Brad Pitt in the zombie hit movie World War Z. Capaldi has a cameo as a doctor in the World Health Organization, you know… a WHO doctor.

Nice Find

Bastille – Flaws – Acoustic [ Live in Paris ]
This is one of the best videos I’ve seen, not so much the visuals just the sheer beauty of the talent and music. Trust me, give yourself four minutes and listen to this.



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