The future of media buying: we chat to DQ&A’s Michael Ossendrijver

In our latest addition to On the Road, Michelle Atagana chats with Michael Ossendrijver; the co-owner of DQ&A Media Group, an ad operations company for publishers, advertisers and agencies around the world that helps make data actionable through its services.

The pair discuss the concept of programmatic media buying. Given the increasing focus on digital advertising, this process is becoming more and more important in how agencies are targeting specific audiences. Programmatic media buying is effectively two computers having the dialogue that media planners and agency planners currently have.

This programmatic process is then able to narrow down more valuable audiences who are considered to be potentially more responsive to the ad. Instead of buying a broad bulk audience as one would traditionally, the targeting process is more specific and relevant.

What lies ahead for programmatic media buying? Agencies will need to adapt and become more agile in order to “embrace data as their religion”. The conversation then rounds-off on the role of startups, and how they can disrupt the digital media world.



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