Check out this completely insane piece of Kreepy Krauly branded content

Kreepy Krauly

Kreepy Krauly

In South Africa, the name Kreepy Krauly is part of the national vernacular. It’s become a catch-all phrase for any brand of automated pool cleaner (think Hoover and vacuum cleaners in the UK). Most people who grew up around pools have fond memories of them, with a lot of kids using their family “Kreepy” for a variety of games.

But what if that wasn’t your view of them. What if you viewed the Kreepy Krauly as a threat to swimmers everywhere, and believed that it was your destiny to save them from the machine? That’s the premise behind a mockumentary style bit of branded content from the pool cleaning company.

In the video, we get a glimpse into the life of Kris Junior, a Kreepy wrangler whose life is defined by his obsession with hunting the pool cleaner ‘creature’. He now faces even more of a challenge while stalking his target, due to its evolved noise reduction elements.

Kreepy Krauly says that it understands that although the in-store environment is significant for the brand, it is imperative to communicate to new and existing consumers online via channels such as YouTube.

“Kreepy Krauly owes its local and international success to our continuous innovation. It is important not only to improve our products, but also our communication methods. We realise the growth of the YouTube platform, especially in South Africa, and the need to develop strong brand narratives as opposed to disruptive advertising.” Says Hermias Nel, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Pentair Water (the global giant which now owns Kreepy Krauly), South Africa.



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