Here’s what the new version of Mxit will look like

New Mxit Logo

New Mxit Logo

If you’ve been thinking that Mxit’s been quiet on the product front for the last little while, we may know why that was the case. The mobile social network’s been cooking up its latest revamp, Mxit 7, and we’ve been given a glimpse of what it will look like.

Mxit 7 is set to go live in four days time, featuring a complete redesign as well as a new logo that’s more in line with the new look. Memeburn received a few images showcasing what the new iPhone and J2Me versions of the service will look like. Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone are also scheduled to get the Mxit 7 update, although the company hasn’t released any images showing what those will look like.

Mxit iPhone

Mxit 7 Nokia 5120

Mxit 7 Nokia 2700

To our eyes, the redesign looks good and it seems like Mxit might have done a decent job of overcoming the conundrum that’s plagued it over the past couple years: how to provide a functional smartphone app while not neglecting the feature phone users who still make up a large potion of its user base.

That said, if Mxit 7 is to be the success the company clearly hopes it will be, it won’t just have to look good, but work well too.



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