Hey Bing users, you’ll still be able to get tweets in your search results



Microsoft really wants Bing to work as a search product. There’s evidence enough that in its recent revamp and various marketing campaigns meant to suggest that it’s better than Google.

It’s also however keen to push home the fact that you can still surface tweets from Bing, something you haven’t been able to do on Google for a couple of years now. In an official Bing blog, Microsoft says:

At Bing, we believe that for every search there is somebody out there who can help. That’s why we have been teaming up with Twitter for a few years to surface public tweets from people who may have something to contribute to what you’re trying to get done with Bing.

While it may not be clear in the above paragraph, or anywhere in the actual blog post for that matter, what Microsoft’s trying to say is that it’s renewed the deal that allows it to surface tweets in Bing.

It’s not entirely clear how long the deal will last, but given how keen Microsoft’s been to push its search product’s social integration, it’s fairly likely that it will try and stay on the right side of Twitter for a good while yet.



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