Marissa Mayer unveils revamped Yahoo! Advertising [CES2014]



If Yahoo! really is to rise from the ashes in 2014, advertising is undoubtedly one of the areas it has to get right. And when CEO Marissa Mayer took to the CES stage in Las Vegas, we got an idea of how it intends to do that.

During her keynote, Mayer announced the launch of a revamped Yahoo! Advertising, at the same time showing exactly how the company intends to make money from Tumblr.

The new approach, the company claims in an official blog post, allows it to deliver unified campaigns “across premium and audience-focused display, native and search advertising”.

“The new Yahoo Advertising includes a comprehensive suite of web, mobile, and video ad products across native, audience, and premium display, which are accessible through a new buying platform,” it adds”. “These products are supported by Yahoo’s data and analytical tools, with insights into the daily digital habits of more than 800 million people worldwide”.

Tumblr founder David Karp also made an appearance onstage and confirmed that Tumblr’s sponsored posts are included in the products covered by the new Yahoo! Advertising. That marks an important landmark because it’s the clearest indication we’ve had since Yahoo! bought Tumblr for US$1-billion in mid 2013.

The blogging platforms sponsored posts form part of the Native branch of the new advertising product, with Yahoo! promising that the ads are a “more natural, seamless part of the reader’s experience, leading to higher impact for advertisers”.

“These new Yahoo Advertising products offer brands and advertisers the most comprehensive ways in the market to accurately target campaigns, utilize data and insights from Yahoo, advertisers, and third parties,” the company says. “Because Yahoo is at the center of people’s daily habits across search, communications, media, and video, we can offer uniquely powerful insights on consumer behavior”.



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