Tech is so hot right now, so HBO made a comedy about Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

Apps, software, hardware, social networks, tech and more tech. Tech is so hot right now. Silicon Valley has permeated our lives, even the non techie types have a sense of what this mystical world of where Facebook and Google resides. It’s no surprise that HBO has decided to take a comedic look at this magical land where it seems the web is created.

We have seen a few television shows try to chronicle what life is like in the Valley — reality shows that were less than impressive, movies that we can’t really take seriously even if we tried. We love the Valley though. For us techies and maybe others it’s a place we want to emulate desperately — most emerging tech communities are trying to build their own Silicon “fill in the blank” so we are primed to gorge ourselves on entertainment about it.

HBO has decided to drop all pretense around stuck up behaviour and seriousness or tech intensity. They are getting real down and dirty with the geek mythos: nerds with bad haircuts, questionable dress sense and a lack of social skills who are overwhelmed by everything but code. It may or may not be accurate but the producers do intend to get some laughs and chances they will.

Silicon Valley is more much than geeks coding and getting b*tch slapped by 12 year olds. We hope that woven into the comedic mindset of the stereotypical geek and tech entrepreneur are the stories that made Silicon Valley, the techie non-coders, investors and community that builds a tech ecosystem.

But all that done, check out the trailer for the aptly named “Silicon Valley.” It looks like fun.



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