Pimp your professional self with these 5 simple online resume builders

These days, people use apps for nearly everything. They fit in neatly between soy lattes, the endless plight of finding the perfect selfie or trolling the web all day. People need to be as uber efficient as possible, because that’s what today’s global society demands. Skills are in such an abundance and globally accessible, you can’t really afford to slump around in your slippers all day and expect to get your dream job.

The on-the-go lifestyle is complemented by apps that, for instance, can help you create your resume while you wait for your microwave dinner. There’s no need to waste time formatting and aligning your CV in Office Word. You punch in a few numbers, some personal data, over exaggerated strengths and understated weaknesses, and voila: your very own professional curriculum vitae is pending to be printed or emailed to your prospective employers.

There are a lot out there. Many of them freemium, sloppy and out-date. We’ve therefore decided to sift through the mess and glory that is the web, and try and find the top resume-building apps you can use to better your chances in getting a job. Surprisingly, there aren’t as many ground-breaking apps as there are sites.

Apart from being easy-to-use, modern professional profiles are a lot more visual and easy on the eyes. Think of them as personal inforgraphics. Like this one:


Sumry is quite a new one but probably the best-looking out there. It’s web-based, so the best way to work with it on-the-go is to just save the page bookmark in app format on your smartphone for ease of access. It’s all about making your professional self personal. “Because underneath all the cold skills and numbers, there’s a soft mushy human with feelings, thoughts and stuff.” It’s all about making your CVs look modern, sleek and beautiful.


Sites like Revu probably suggest the most likely direction the future of resume alternatives is going. “Don’t send a resume. Share your story,” reads the motto.

Instead of feeding the site data about your education, experience, likes and so forth, you punch in your LinkedIn URL and sit back and watch your professional life takes a new visually appealing form before your eyes. After choosing your theme, adding pics and detailing some info, you’re left with an attractive professional infographic-looking landing page that can double as a resume.

Available on Google Play, Super Resume Builder Free is straight-forward. Don’t let the not-so-inspiring app name turn you off. After opening it up, you’re presented with a list of categories such as Personal Info, Career Objective, Skills and so on. With subtle yet important tips, you simply punch through each tab, creating or updating your professional information after which you’re prompted to share or save it to various sites or different file formats.


Another platform, In Resume Builder, is the popular professional social network LinkedIn’s baby. The site gives you great customisation capabilities and is incredibly user-friendly.

The templates range from modern, business, executive and law and are available as a printable PDF or a link you can use to share on other social media sites. The generated resumes look great in the that they’re cutomisable to the industry you wish to apply your skills in.

The only downside is for those who don’t own a LinkedIn account or aren’t as active with their profiles.

Unlike Super Resume Builder Free, Resume++ also takes you through the different steps of creating your professional profile but includes the ability to take a business selfie. It also has a little progress bar that shows you how far you’re still to go. There’s also a bit more attention given to the user interface. Say you tap your date of birth entry tab, you’ll be presented with a calendar interface for instance. It’s all in the little things.


To get the most of the layouts, you’ll have to cough up some extra dough. It’s all about squeezing out money from the unemployed, you see.

Let us know which ones you’re using below.



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