Crazy inventor creates X-men Pyro inspired wrist mounted flamethrowers


Modern day Victor Frankenstein, Colin Furze, is at it again, inventing a storm of X-men gadgets. The latest in his series of seriously dangerous toys is an ode to Pyro: a wrist mounted flamethrower.

Furze is evidently an absolute genius with a death-wish.

In addition to looking simultaneously terrifying and AWESOME, the flamethrowers double as a toaster, making them the perfect accessory for every superhero in the making. Because everyone knows that toast-on-the-go is an absolute must for any villain looking to capitalise on morning mischief.

The police, on the other hand, might be burning with fury. Four years ago, Furze garnered a firearms charge for his flamethrowing scooter. Evidently the charge did not elicit the desired response.

Over the course of the last month, Furze has invented Wolverine claws, and magnetic Magneto shoes. Leading us to wonder what happens if you use all of these supernatural accessories simultaneously? Suicide, surely.


In any case, Furze’s crazy inventions provide some prime Friday morning entertainment, if only to snicker at the absurdity.



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