Gangnam Style is cruising toward 2 billion views on YouTube

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

We’ll wager that it’s been a little while since you thought about Psy’s mega-viral hit “Gangnam Style” and with the amount of airplay the song got, you’re probably quite relieved about that. Thing is, the internet definitely hasn’t forgotten.

The video, which hit a billion views in December 2012 is on track to hit two-billion views as it continues to stretch out its YouTube record.

Certainly, views have slowed down since it hit the billion mark, but it seems as if the video really does have sticking power and interest is bound to pick up again as it nears the two-billion mark.

We’re not entirely sure why the video has gained nearly a billion more views in the last year and a half. Maybe it’s a form of accelerated nostalgia, with people looking back on 2012 as a simpler time, when we could ape the silly dance moves of a Korean man without anyone judging us.

Oh and if you were wondering how Psy’s followup “Gentleman” is doing, well it’s well on its way to the 700-million views mark and is the seventh most watched video in YouTube history.



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