Can this Kickstarter help selfies leave the Earth?

Space Selfie

If you’re the kind of person who’s constantly determined to outdo their friends in the selfie game, then the idea of taking one from space probably sounds pretty darn appealing. But until Sir Richard Branson actually gets his arse into gear and gets Virgin Galactic off the ground, that means going through the whole palaver of becoming an astronaut right?

Well, if you want your physical body to be in space, sure, but if that’s something you’re willing to compromise on, there is another solution.

A new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to take you, or at least your selfie, into space using nothing but high altitude balloons.

The balloon, which will be filled with helium, is set to be even bigger than the one used for the Red Bull Stratos jump and will include a capsule for a pilot, including a screen for the selfies and load capability for experiments.

What experiments? Well that’s up to whatever backers send through £5 000 (R91 911) or more.

While the team behind the Kickstarter seems serious about raising the funds, to date it’s only managed to get one £100 pound pledge, which means it’s got a long way to go if it’s to hit its target of £70 000 by 18 August.

Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr.



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