Memebits: What we’ve been up to in 15 second Instagram videos

robot cropped

robot cropped

We get it: you’re busy. Social media is a never-ending stream of things demanding your attention, and sometimes you can miss the cool things while you’re busy with real life. But do you have 15 seconds to spare?

In our new video series, you can get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Burn HQ in neatly packaged 15 second chunks. We’re releasing one video a day on our Instagram account — and this week, we’ve reviewed two phones, tested an iPad game for cats, challenged digital personal assistants to a death match, and made a robotic toy dance.

No, really…

The LG G3 #15secondreview

The LG G3 is undoubtedly a killer Android phone. With a powerful camera and a stunning screen, it’s hard to imagine where you could improve this creation. We sum up its curves and high points in 15 seconds.

Alcatel’s gorgeous Idol Alpha

The Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha is the hottest-looking gold-coloured phone you’ll use this year. Think of it as the “Androidfied” iPhone 5 and you’re not too far off. Catch a glimpse of the see-through buttons and shimmery coat in our #15secondreview.

The Siri / Google Voice showdown

Who needs to type when you can speak? We put Apple’s Siri against Google voice search to see which smart app can understand our request and respond first.

Our first feline reviewer

In case you were not aware, pet food brand Friskies makes games for cats. But is its popular title Cat Fishing 2 worth the download? We ask an expert.

Hello, dancing robot

In addition to wandering around the office and carrying Grumpy Cat toys, Gearburn’s latest review gadget can groove. We put on some Arctic Monkeys and let him prove it.



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