This app turns your selfies into shareable stickers of awesomeness

Imoji app

Imoji app

Are you addicted to stickers? Yes, I am referring to those silly-but-awesome oversized emoji made up of cute cats and Facebook foxes. Wish you could just have more?

You’re in luck. An app called Imoji makes stickers — from anything. You can upload your favourite snapshots or turn on your front-facing camera and snap a selfie, and seconds later — poof! You have a completely original customised sticker to share with your friends.

The app, which is currently only available on iOS, allows you to quickly make and send personalised quirky stickers, as well as save your creations in groups (on virtual cards) and search popular uploads to send on.

Once you’ve loaded an image, you trace around the edges with an eraser, hit the scissors button to get rid of the background, then share the completed image (which is automatically given a sticker-like white border).

Imoji screenshots

While the app takes a bit of figuring out (what does that empty face mean? Why am I on a different card now?) it is pretty easy to use once you’ve played around a bit. A lot depends on taking images with clearly defined edges (for example, tracing around a face is easier than around long hair which flows over the edges of the frame), but the Imoji team has made removing parts of the photo easier by placing the eraser dot a few millimetres from your finger’s actual touch point, allowing you to quickly navigate the edges of the photo on your touch screen.

So, what’s the catch? The app currently only works with iMessage, which means you won’t be able to share your creations with a wider audience via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (although you can save the images once iMessaged to share on other platforms).

Erasing can also be a pain, and leaves you hoping future versions of the app will be able to automatically detect backgrounds or suggest parts to cut intelligently.

Still, Imoji is a fun free app, which can make your messages a little bit more expressive with minimum effort. You need to do something with all those selfies, right?

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