3D SpongeBob SquarePants is either super bizarre or pure blasphemy


When a pirate attacks Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob SquarePants (with his trusty starfish, squirrel and crab companions) goes on a mission to the world where things aren’t animated and as friendly as they used to be, among us humans!

Paramount has just released teaser trailer for its new SpongeBob Computer-Generated-slash real-life movie aptly titled The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: The Sponge Out of Water that sees the ever-loving, bizarre group of cartoons go on a mission to track down an evil pirate.

Apart from the yellow sea-dwelling invertebrate, the group consists of the animation series’ favorite, trusty characters including the goofy starfish Patrick, the grumpy Squiward, and the Crabby Patty owner crab, Eugene H. Krabs, respectfully. Even the evil little genius, Plankton, seems to be part of the protagonists’ mix.

Away from the comfort of a pineapple in the sea, the team gets buff, lean, learns superpowers and messes about in its uniquely bizarre ways, in an effort to defeat the evil pirate and his warship.

Though a new, and seemingly fun experience for the team of sea creatures, this new 3D, real-life take might be a bit too foreign for avid fans of the animated Nickelodeon series. Yes, we known the world’s moved to a future where most things are CG but should that mean that our favourite cartoon series should too?

Either way The Sponge Out of Water seems as crazy as the original. What do you think?



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