With Twitter Analytics, everyone can now see how their tweets perform


Twitter is opening up Twitter analytics to everyone, yes everyone. First announced by Twitter engineer, Ian Chan, everyone can now start accessing the social media’s analytics dashboard and see how their little 140-character bites of information are performing out in the vast web of wonder.

Similar to Google Analytics, Twitter’s new dashboard lets you measure your profile’s engagement. For people trying to build an online presence, this information should be incredibly insightful.

For those not as familiar with these snazzy terms, the Impressions tab will show you how many people have seen your tweets, and which ones. While Engagement will actually show you how many people have clicked, favourited, or retweeted your links shared. Lastly, the Followers tab will show your follower count, as well as the gender, interests, and geographic breakdown of them all.

The reveal comes after the blue bird of social media launched the dashboard back in July, exclusively meant for advertisers and Twitterers using Cards. Generally, Twitter analytics are catered via popular services like Hootsuite or Buffer which also lets you schedule posts and manage other social networks.

You’ll only start receiving feedback once you access analytics.twitter.com.

Twitter dashboard



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