From Messi to the DA: these are YouTube’s most popular ads in SA [video]


As much as we may be annoyed with pre-roll ads on YouTube, there are some out there that do their job, very well. Take the Turkish Airline’s Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout as an example. Rolled out in run-up to the Football World Cup, the video ad garnered up well over 138 million views across the globe and was named South Africa’s favourite ad this year.

In reference to the annual advertising Loeries Awards in South Africa, YouTube recently dropped the names of the most popular global and local video ads in the country.

As described by the YouTube playlist, the ranking is determined using some of YouTube’s strongest signals of viewer choice. This encompasses the number of views within the country, the view rate (how much of an ad people choose to watch), and the percentage of organic views versus paid views.

In order of popularity, below is South Africa’s most popular global videos, dubbed the Loeries-to-Loeries YouTube Ads Leaderboard:

Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout by Turkish Airlines

YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say? by YouTube Spotlight

FIRST KISS by Tatia PIlieva

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6) by Volvo Trucks

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial — “Puppy Love” by budweiser

Nike Football: The Last Game ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta & more by Nike Football

Google Zeitgeist | Here’s to 2013 by Google

Most Shocking Second a Day Video by SaveTheChildren

Girls Don’t Poop – by Poo~Pourri

Samsung GALAXY S5 – Official Introduction by Samsung Mobile

Locally produced YouTube video ads finds the Democratic Alliance South Africa’s ANC Ayisafani ad the most popular with over 700 000 views. In order of popularity, below are South Africa’s top five local ads:

ANC Ayisafani – DA TV ad by Democratic Alliance South Africa

Reconsider South Africa (New South African Tourism brand video) by South African Tourism

Halls – Klein Kimmie by Halls S.A

I Hate Valentine’s Day by Anton Taylor

Granny’s Grannies Football — 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola in South Africa
by Coca-Cola



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