Twitpic fails to find buyer, will shut down


It must’ve been an emotional past couple of weeks for the staff at Twitpic. First it was shutting down, faced with the weight of legal pressure from Twitter. Then it wasn’t, but was instead looking for a buyer. Indeed, the company proudly announced that it had been acquired and would be saved. That however all appears to have fallen through and now, it seems, it’s really shutting down.

According to an official blog post from the photo-sharing service, it will close up shop on 25 October, leaving any photos you have on the service to suffer from the slow decay of link rot.

When it comes to that mystery acquisition meanwhile, it seems that the company was a little quick off the mark. In its blog post, the company says:

We worked through a handful of potential acquirers and exhausted all potential options. We were almost certain we had found a new home for Twitpic (hence our previous tweet), but agreeable terms could not be met. Normally we wouldn’t announce something like that prematurely but we were hoping to let our users know as soon as possible that Twitpic was living on.

“I’m sincerely sorry (and embarrassed) for the circumstances leading up to this, from our initial shutdown announcement to an acquisition false alarm,” company founder Noah Everett said in a statement.

Users wanting to export their photos can do so through their account settings.

Image: via Flickr.



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