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With the large range of professional and enterprise apps that are out there today, finding ones that are the best for enhancing workplace productivity is likely your top priority. A lot of businesses are making use of these applications because it enables workers to complete work outside of the office more efficiently. Communications and collaborations are made simpler, leaving no excuse for workers to not get projects in by deadline. Keeping everyone on board is possible with mobile technology, but which ones are the best on the market today? Here is a list of the 10 business productivity and utility apps that can be used inside and outside of the office.

1. Sign important documents from anywhere with DocuSign

You know how important it is to have clients and colleagues sign certain paperwork. Sometimes, you need to get a signature right away, rather than waiting days for the mailman to mail them to you. When this is the case, DocuSign is an enterprise app that can be used. You can download this to your Android 2.3+ and iOS 7+ devices. It is a very secure and effective way to obtain signatures from people wherever they are. You can send and receive files and manage them efficiently.

2. Edit PDFs on the go with Foxit Mobile

Ever needed to edit a PFD while you were away from the office, but didn’t have the know-how or tools to do so? With Foxit Mobile, this problem is eliminated. If you have an iOS device, you can download this to it and begin editing PDFs. Encryption options are available, along with speech-to-text capabilities.

3. iA Writer is a keyboard extension for iPhone users

iA writer can be downloaded to your iPhone. Its main focus is on allowing you to focus solely on writing and taking notes. You can easily navigate this application and have direct access to punctuations – like a real keyboard. It comes with spelling help and a dictionary. The app also comes with iCloud and Dropbox. Then when you’re done writing, you can preview and print it.

4. Stay connected with colleagues with Switch.Co

You can easily keep open communication with your colleagues with this app. You can transfer your office calls to any device. It also enables you to send and receive messages and it connects with Google Talk. There are Android and iPhone business phone apps offered by Switch as well.

If you’re looking to use tools to keep your employees productive wherever they are, you can implement some of these apps into the mobile devices in your workplace.

5. Create and edit documents with JotterPad X

JotterPad X is a plain text editor that was created with the writer in mind. It comes with a dictionary and thesaurus, and allows you to quickly edit and write new documents on a whim. It also allows you to access Dropbox, so that you can easily share them.

6. Analyze key metrics and data trends with SAP Business Objects Mobile

SAP Business Objects Mobile is a great tool for businesses that are looking to turn their devices into a smart device. With this app, you can make better decisions based on data that is personalized.It does this by connecting to the intelligence platform on the app and enables your mobile work force to get insights that are up-to-date regarding products, customers and work order details.

7. Stay up-to-date with projects using SAP StreamWork

SAP StreamWork is another SAP app, which was designed for iPad devices. This can be used by your workforce to stay up-to-date about statuses, projects and whatever else they’re following. You can post comments and replies as well.

8. Get managerial insight with SAP Manager Insight

If you’re a manager, having access to employee profiles and reports on a mobile device can help you do your job more effectively in the workplace and while on the go. This application allows you to do that and hold meetings with other managers and employees, so that you can make decisions that are more insightful.

9. Get your business travels covered with SAP Travel Expense Approval

SAP Travel Expense Approval is an iOS application that can be used on any compatible device, such as smartphones and tablets. With this app, you can keep track of your business expenses that are to be billed to customers or the company. If you use the SAP ERP app, this app can be linked to that as well.

10. Track business expenses with concur

If you have an Android device, you can easily keep track of expenses, so that you don’t have to store receipts. Concur allows you to take photos of receipts and edit expenses that you enter into the app. You can also import data from your credit cards. Submission of your expenses can be sent at the press of a button.

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