This Wi-Fi service will give you free internet access in exchange for ads


How many times have you skipped restaurants because they don’t have Wi-Fi? In our modern world, free Wi-Fi usually trumps any menu. Free Wi-Fi might become more widespread however. That is, if you like ads pushed to your device.

Introducing Free-Fi by Habari Media — a platform that offers (you guessed it) free and unlimited Wi-Fi access to people, without having to pay for data.

When in a supported Free-Fi location, you can select Free-Fi on any internet-enabled device and opt into the terms and conditions. Mobile and desktop advertising is then delivered directly your device based on the amount of data or time you have consumed.

Wayne Bischoff, Managing Director at Habari Media, taking charge of this service said in a press statement:

This is game changing for both the digital ad industry and consumers alike. Who won’t use free Wi-Fi? There is no data charge to the consumer, no login-ins, no data limits and no forms to complete. People simply need to agree to being served adverts every so often.

This service works very much like public television. During an internet session you will see a full page advert that will be displayed on the device you’re using to access the Free-Fi. We’ve also previously seen Cape Town-based startup HiiFi which (instead of ads) relies on social engagement instead of cash.

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It is not clear how many ads a user will be served in an hour which is rather important as flashing of ads popping up everywhere will definitely be annoying.

Businesses have the opportunity to promote themselves as free internet access providers while advertisers have access to a segmentable demographic that want to see the adverts. Like SMS and MMS, Free-Fi advertising is targeted and engagement is based on a one-on-one experience as it is served to the consumer’s personal device.

The adverts on the service can be geographically targeted and promotions can be tailored to the user. A shop in a certain street can target only people on that street within its Free-Fi catchment area. This reduces advertising wastage and becomes very cost efficient as the ads are targeted and relevant to the user which increases engagement.

“As a digital sales house, Free-Fi adds a completely new dimension to the advertising platform for us and the opportunities are endless,” says Bischoff.

“The adverts are very noticeable and are perceived by the target market as non-intrusive. People are more likely to engage with the adverts as they are relevant. Advertisers will find an extremely cost effective manner of communication, while Free-Fi hosts will benefit financially and through dedicated.”



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