Apple shows off its photo prowess with Shot on iPhone 6 campaign


With the tech press’ attention is firmly on the Mobile World Congress, currently underway in Barcelona, Apple has released a new ad campaign called Shot on iPhone 6, showing off photos taken on the device.

In the past we’ve reported on iPhoneography, the South African photography competition for iPhone users, but now Apple has woken up to its own device’s popularity within the photo-taking sphere and is promoting it.

This is not the first time Apple has promoted the camera capabilities of its devices. A few days ago, with a Martin Scorcese voiced ad, it promoted the iPad as the best thing to use to make videos.

The photos used in the campaign have not been commissioned but rather found from iPhone users across the world. The photos take one on a tour around the world. From Jirasak P’s photo in Pasak Cholasit Dam, Thailand, to a photo by Sawyer K taken in British Columbia, Canada.

The campaign also features time-lapse and slow motion videos. Austin M shot a beautiful time-lapse, panning slowly on ice in Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon, Iceland. Amar R, shot a slow motion video of kids playing a game of cricket in which, sadly, the slow reaction of the fielders is exaggerated by the slow motion.

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iPhone photo
Shot by Jirasak P. in Pasak Cholasit Dam, Thailand.

When buying a phone, one is seduced by different features. Amongst the most popular seductions for buying a phone has always been its screen resolution and camera capabilities. And Apple’s campaign is all about making you believe that with an iPhone you can take the best images. Of course this is not true. Cameras do not take photos, people do.

Given that the Oscar award-winning ‘Searching for Sugarman’ shot some of its parts with an iPhone and a film shot entirely on an iPhone was at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, perhaps the iPhone has earned its bragging rights.

Featured image: Jeremiah C. in Atlanta, GA.



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