5 times you wish you had the Samsung Galaxy S6 gold edition [SPONSORED]

By combining class and performance, Samsung South Africa and Vodacom are offering two world-class devices made to fit your lifestyle all year round. Introducing, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

If you haven’t given into temptation already, here are a couple of times you’ll really want to have the Samsung Galaxy S6 as your companion:

1. On a night out on the town

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a sexy companion. And what better way to compliment a good night out with a flashy smartphone like this.

The S6 welcomes the perfect combination of metal and glass for the right balance of design and strength.
Aside from sporting a variety of different colours to choose from like Black Sapphire, White Pearl Gold Platinum and Blue Topaz, Samsung’s latest flagship is also available in two versions — one edge, the other flat.

The edge screen bends on its sides to deliver a pioneering, differentiated design associated with smartphones of superior quality. It will not only provide better grip but also improves the entire viewing experience.

2. When out drinking a latte

Aside from pimping out your style, the S6 is a great roaming partner. Samsung has gone the extra mile to improve battery power by making it up to 33% faster than its predecessor, the S5. This means that you can spend more time at your favourite coffee shop, browsing the web, playing games and the like.

To achieve a fully charged battery, for instance, Galaxy S6 requires only 80 minutes (85 minutes for Edge), 1.5 times faster than Samsung Galaxy S5.

Wireless charge

Samsung Galaxy S6 uses state-of-the-art wireless charging technology that has evolved to make battery charging easier. Simply place the phone onto a wireless charger and charging starts.

3. Going out for late afternoon brunches

Eating brunch with friends or having sundowners by Cape Town’s promenade won’t be wasted memories any more.

The S6’s F1.9 lenses on the front and rear cameras maximise the light even in low light conditions to enable photos that are two times brighter than Samsung Galaxy S5.

The rear 16MP is also fitted with the quick launch feature, enabling you to launch the camera app within 0.7 seconds. You can also just simply tap the Home button twice to launch the camera. Even better is the front selfie cam which sports 5MP with a wide-angle lens.

With the Tracking AF feature, you can easily capture moving figures. Simply select the moving subject on the screen and the smartphone will keep it in focus automatically.

4. Going on a vacation at the beach

What better way to compliment the S6’s world-class LTE modem than with Vodacom’s networks?
The telecom offers the fastest LTE network in South Africa, with speeds up to as much as 60Mbps.
This means a Skype call to friends and family, uploading videos onto Instagram and playing a game of Hearthstone would be as seamless as it gets.

5. During hibernation this winter

With winter approaching, the S6 is fit to be fulfil your every need so you can snuggle up and have the world’s entertainment in the palm of your hand. Well, almost every need.

The incredibly fast 64-bit Octa-Core Exynos processor sits together with the world’s first 14 nm FinFET semiconductor in the smartphone market. Playing the latest games or watching your favourite movie will be as comfortable as having a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy night.

The fat stack of 3GB RAM will also make every app experience as smooth as possible, from browsing the web to playing Candy Crush, scrolling through Instagram or all of them together — it’s built for multitasking.
The S6’s Quad HD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED display offers crystal clear quality for an amazing viewing experience, even in bright sunlight.

S6 gold sexy

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most beautiful phones Vodacom has to offer, which is also the only cellular provider in South Africa to offer the exclusive Gold Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Vodacom will offer the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB on a Smart S contract, with 200MB data, 75 minutes and 200 SMSs for R529 per month, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge priced at R629 per month.

The devices will begin at R12 399 and R16 149 (for the 64GB Edge), respectively. The deal includes a free cover and wireless charging station valued at R1 100, a free cover and one free screen replacement.

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