Gates Foundation injects $75 million more into African and south Asian disease control

If you had as much money as you wanted, literally US$79.3-billion and a whole bunch of time what would you do? I would build a rocket, strap that floating trash island in the Atlantic to it and blast that bad boy all the way to the sun. No more trash. Simple and stupid expensive. I just need billions of dollars…If Bill Gates reads this, I hope he would chuckle to himself and jot the idea down on his to-do list. Money aside, the Gates Foundation is so far outside the box it needs a passport for the ideas and solutions being tried and tested.

Let’s think ridiculous, let’s literally try to fund the universe, let’s fix the world’s problems with our imagination and an inserted I.V. of cash. Take a step into the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and you will notice strange things happening all around you. Solutions that would give Dr Seuss’s imagination a run for its money, from gel condoms that solidify in the presence of semen to help control HIV, mosquitoes getting zapped out of mid-flight by lasers to prevent malaria and earlier in 2015 Gates enjoyed a glass of water which he made out of fecal matter.

Yes, Gates actually figured out how to polish a turd, re brand it and turn it into drinking water. Next, he turns that water into wine, gives a toast to the future, then feeds Africa with two loafs, five fish, a wooden spoon and this credit card. If that doesn’t work, you can always apply for a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, what seems to literally be a much more approachable Dragons’ Den for world wide solutions. Seriously, if you find a problem with the world, dial 0800-Gatesgotyourback and the foundation will call you with your grant in hand. Not really, it has a very prestigious selection process that has many board members and application processes that need to be cleared before any money reaches your good intentions.

More recently, The Verge reported, The Gates Foundation announced it would donate US$75 million for the construction of six sites in poor & developing parts of Africa and Asia, yet that’s just the beginning. As Gates told The Atlantic in an interview: “We’re hoping to get partners to come in so that instead of the six centers, we can have 20…”

Gates told The Verge that these sites form research centers for Child Health And Mortality Prevention Surveillance Networks (Champs), which capture data and help prevent diseases taking center stage like Ebola did in West Africa during 2014. This is no stroll through the microscopic park, The Gates Foundation is gearing up to maintain this network for 20 years, establishing local labs to monitor populations closely. I for one believe that these centers will provide the cutting edge for the tip of the sword in the battle against diseases control. Just take a long hard look at the polio statistics during the beginning of 2015 in India and there you will find a bunch of nothing.

Rotary International, The Indian Government and The Gate Foundation managed to completely eradicate the disease from India during 2014.

Not only is disease control receiving life saving support, The Gates Foundation is getting Africa to feed itself, which makes Africa sound useless with a comedic twist but it is a horrible truth. Africa spends about $50 billion annually on importing food from richer more developed countries. We seem to live in an ironic world, where money will literally make the grass greener on your side.

According to the Gates Foundation annual letter, seven out of ten people living in sub-Saharan Africa are farmers. (Compare that to the United States, where the ratio is two out of a hundred). Yet Africa still struggles to grow food for itself.

This irony is not hard to understand, in fact it is as simple as our invention of currency. The creation of money has sent a third of the world to another planet where anything is possible and leaving the other two thirds in the middle of the 17th century.

Cue the Gates Foundation and its master of time travel, as they attempt to fast forward a few billion people a few hundred years into the future (now that is a documentary I would love to make). Let’s just hope that Gates and his billions don’t run out someday, without the Gates Foundation, how the hell will governments help out their countries?



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