Popular tech site ReCode bought by Vox Media conglomerate

The media landscape has been in flux for quite a while now, with digital eating into print publishers’ business models and more global audiences setting the pace. In the tech reporting space alone, we’ve come to witness a lot of interesting developments this year.

The most recent being Vox Media adding respectable tech website ReCode to its array of online publications that includes current affairs site Vox, food blog Eater, hugely popular lifestyle tech blog The Verge, gaming site Polygon among a couple of others.

Founded only 18 months ago by renowned former The Wall Street Journal journalist Walt Mossberg, ReCode is well known for its signature Code conferences and lures 1.5-million regular monthly visitors, The New York Times found.

ReCode will continue to operate as an independent publisher. In relationship to The Verge, the founder writes in a blog post:

We plan as well to collaborate where appropriate with Vox Media’s current and very successful tech news site, The Verge. While the two sites occasionally overlap, we have focused on the business of tech, while The Verge has focused on covering tech from a lifestyle perspective.

Mossberg writes that ReCode will now have access to powerful tools from Vox like marketing, communications, audience development, sales and production.

These new capabilities will certainly help the tech news site compete in a space that’s witnessing a new age of online media heavyweights such as Vice Media and Buzzfeed which — alongside Vox Media — have raised tens of millions of dollars within the last year.

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A few months ago tech news site Gigaom said that it’s closing down shop, and after a few months of being doing just that, it recently announced that it’s been acquired by publishing startup Knowingly Corp.

In light of the Gigaom buy, CEO of Knowingly Corp Byron Reese wrote the following:

We live at what I believe is the great turning point of all of human history, and that is being driven in large part by the technologies we are creating. This new world we are making will not just be more prosperous, but it will be more fair and more just than any time in the past.

A very fitting quote for out time indeed, let’s hope that the fairness and prosperity won’t be limited to the handful of million dollar-backed media giants.



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