67Minutes connects givers and charities for Mandela Day

On 18 July, former president Nelson Mandela’s birthday, people around the world celebrate Mandela Day. In his spirit, the day is set aside for philanthropic activities, in which people set aside 67 minutes of their day to do charitable deeds.

In time for Mandela Day 2015, a new online platform and a mobile app called 67Minutes has been launched.

“67Minutes has been developed in such a way, that should you have a type of event in mind; a specific budget or if you’re simply searching for ideas based on your location, you can quickly and easily discover them. Think of us as the Über of charities,” said Digital Publications, the company behind the app and website.

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67Minutes has launched on iTunes App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone store and Blackberry App World. The app has been developed to make it easier for people to donate their time.

“Those who are looking to devote at least 67 minutes of their time on 18 July and are trying to find somewhere to go and/or something to do to live the legacy of Mandela’s birthday for charity can now do so easily with this app,” says Charles Burman MD Digital Publications.

67Minutes app

The 67Minutes website and app work hand in hand. Organisations and individuals can register their organisation on the website by creating an account. Once the organisation has been registered suitable events or projects linked to the organisation can be posted.

The app cannot be used to register projects but it then automatically displays the events and projects that have been registered on the website. Registration is free and organisations and individuals are not limited to a certain number of projects they can post to the app, as long as the projects fall within the spirit of the 67Minutes campaign.

The 67Minutes app has two functions. Firstly, it’s aimed at volunteers and charities, NGO’s and welfare organisations. Secondly, the app enables charities looking for support and individuals or organisations looking for charities.

The 67 minutes app assists users to locate types of events that they have in mind and their events that meet their specific budget. It also helps users search ideas of how they can help based on their location. Once a user finds an acivitiy they would like to participate in, they can press on the Participate button and complete the steps to join the project.

The process of joining an activity, the users need to register on the app to provide the organisations who are hosting the projects with information on who and how many people will be attending/participating in the event or project. Once a user has joined a project they will receive an email notification.



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